The size of the project does not affect the quality of its execution for company Commodum. We do not tend to this common misconception and false notion of the variety of firms. We do not divide customers into the “big” and small” ones, being respectful to all manufacturers-partners. We appreciate the effort, time and resources spent on development and implementation of the equipment. We aim to convey the best from partners to our customers. In the end, it all comes to the right choice of products and services that allows you to apply a flexible approach to the implementation of any project.


In cooperation with our partners, we deliver the best solutions for the sector of the nuclear industry. At the same time we focus mainly on providing customers with the products and services that increase efficiency, degree of safety, reliability and workflow.

Our range of services includes the entire life cycle of the system. We provide customers with competent solutions, starting from the new equipment deliveries to regular maintenance, modernization and timely replacement of spare parts to prolong the operation of the equipment, as well as enhancing security and resiliency.

For the nuclear industry, where safety always comes first, we offer comprehensive solutions and the best technologies. From the very beginning of the project, our partners, years of their experience and innovation together with our knowledge of the specific sector of the nuclear industry allow us to become a strategic partner for the customer. We are strengthening our partnerships and combine individual requirements with international standards.

Suppliers for Nuclear Power Plants:

Suppliers for companies Gas / Oil:

 Postal Services

In cooperation with our partners, we supply the best products for the sector of postal services. At the same time we focus mainly on providing customers with the products and consumables that increase operational efficiency, profitability, reliability and ease of workflow.

For the sector of postal services, where the availability of services, together with rapid delivery are paramount, we offer the best solutions. Timely maintenance, convenient form of consumables packaging, ease in use – we offer all of these caring for the staff of the customer and for the environment. These are the best solutions at a competitive price for the business development of our clients.

 Laboratory Research

The company’s activities aimed at ensuring Commodum laboratory enterprises in Ukraine in various fields necessary laboratory equipment for complex chromatographic studies of any level.

The method for separating and analyzing mixtures of substances, as well as the study of physical and chemical properties of substances is fundamental and crucial for research and analysis in the chemical and related industries. We provide the customers’ laboratories with high quality equipment and supplies just tested by thousands of  professionals worldwide.

Suppliers for laboratories: