NPP (Nuclear Power Plant)


For 20 years visatec, a DEKRA company has been at the forefront of innovation in the non-destructive visual testing market and is a part of the worldwide operating Service Unit ‚Material Testing and Inspection‘ of DEKRA SE. Visatec designs and makes visual inspection camera systems for specialist industrial markets. Visatec range includes non-destructive testing (NDT) cameras and radiation tolerant cameras for the nuclear market. Products are used by some of the world’s leading nuclear, offshore, oil and gas and renewable energy organizations.

Most inspection camera systems are designed to be radiation tolerant, radiation resistant and watertight. Other specialist equipment includes: underwater pond lighting, grippers and crawlers; all which are used by some of the world’s leading nuclear, offshore, oil and gas and renewable energy organizations.

As well as providing the best specialist equipment on the market, Visatec offers comprehensive training courses for operators and other personnel. In cooperation to Visatec we can also take care of the inspection services for you. Our skilled operators can carry out all necessary tests in any situation.

Since Commodum has developed strong partnerships to Visatec, as a team we can provide our range of non-destructive testing products and services across the Ukraine.

Ahlberg Cameras AB

The Swedish company Ahlberg Cameras AB was founded by Ulf Ahlberg in 1981. For the next 30 years Ahlberg Cameras AB was a family company led by CEO Ulf Ahlberg and his fearsome son Joakim as sales manager. At the end of February 2012, Ahlberg Cameras AB became part of the Swedish company Brokk AB, the world leader in the production of remotely controlled demolition equipment.

Both Ulf Ahlberg and Brokk AB management saw great potential in the merger. Having united the forces, we were able to introduce the latest developments in production, maintaining the quality of the product, increasing the output of innovative inspection equipment, thereby significantly reducing the time of the reactor stops for planned maintenance work.

Ahlberg Cameras AB’s successful activity confirms the presence of a wide range of products and well-built business model, so the new management of the company has decided to adhere to the same business strategy since February 2012 and to leave Arlberg family members in leadership positions.

With over 30 years of experience in the nuclear industry, the company Ahlberg Cameras AB says that their main advantage is the ability to satisfy the requirements of the individual customer, to provide customers not only with high-tech equipment, but also with timely technical support.

We are pleased to offer our services, to create a flexible delivery schedule and to make delivery in the required time. We strive to establish a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with each customer. Our customers say that the equipment of Ahlberg Cameras AB always has products and service of high quality.

Teknokroma Analitica S.A.

Teknokroma Company (Spain, Barcelona) has More than 25 years of successful experience in the market of laboratory equipment, specializing mainly in the design and sale of chromatography columns for gas and high performance liquid chromatography, high resolution and a variety of instruments, reagents, devices and accessories that are widely used in the chromatographic analysis. The staff of the company consists of highly qualified chemists, pharmacists and specialists in other related disciplines. The company has operations in nearly 50 countries around the world. The company is also the official representative of Commodum Teknokroma in Ukraine.

The catalog of Teknokroma products has more than 40 thousand titles and is constantly updated with new products.

Sigma Group a.s.

Joint Stock Company SIGMA GROUP is a modern, dynamically developing engineering company, a leading manufacturer of pumping equipment in the Czech Republic. The company is currently focused on the research, development and manufacture of pumps and pumping systems of medium and high productivity, as well as unique pumps for industrial use.

In this segment the company belongs to the leading world companies of this industry, and thus successfully continues the longstanding tradition of pump production in Central Moravia region. Key customers include industrial enterprises in the field of light and heavy engineering, classical and nuclear power, petrochemical, oil production, mining and processing of minerals and water resources.

In-house research laboratories, equipped with modern production facilities and a wide service base, with many years of experience systems, enable the company SIGMA GROUP to offer customers a comprehensive supply “turnkey” in the industry of pumping equipment.

The company SIGMA GROUP SA has a quality certificate according to EN ISO 9001 (inclusive EN ISO 3834-2), EN ISO 14001 (EMS), and EN ISO 18001 (OHSAS).

The company SIGMA GROUP SA is a manufacturer of pumps Union leader of the Czech Republic, and a member of the Association of European manufacturers EUROPUMP of pumping equipment.

Heatsystems GmbH

Heatsystems GmbH is an independent German manufacturer which has been engaged in the design, manufacture and integration of electrical heating equipment since 2000. The company Heatsystems is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008. The manufacturer offers a range of solutions for industrial heating (heating corrosive media, liquid, air, solids), including temperature measurement, control and power supply.

The proposed solutions can be implemented using the following combinations:

– heating elements, screw immersion heaters, in-line heaters, heating cables, heating panels, heating pipes, heating tape, band heaters, industrial electric radiators, fan heaters, plate heaters, heaters, … mounted in the duct;

– thermostats, temperature sensors, temperature sensors, pt100 sensors, thermocouples, indicators, transmitters, temperature controllers, power supplies, control panel …

– unit of temperature control and management for the oil and water environments, hot, hot / cold, and heating / cooling, air-conditioning of electrical cabinets, water / air heat exchangers, coolers, etc.

These solutions are suitable for both safe and hazardous areas. These may include immersion heaters, in-line heaters, temperature sensors, thermostats, panels, etc., made in accordance with ATEX.

Company Heatsystems is a dynamically developing enterprise, focused on the quality of products, its special source of pride is the assembly of components and equipment by hand. These factors allow us to call the products of Heatsystems luxury in all respects.

Pall GmbH

Pall Corporation is the global leader in the field of high technologies for filtration, separation and purification, serving a variety of customer needs across a broad spectrum of life sciences and industry.

Pall Industrial caters to a wide range of customers in the microelectronics, aerospace technology, petrochemical, chemical, automotive and energy industries. Pall is a key supplier of the equipment of filtration products used in mission-critical systems in commercial and military facilities around the world. Pall products are the key to the reliability of industrial equipment. Engineering Solutions of Pall help municipal and industrial customers to solve water quality issues, and other spheres, as well as to help the energy-generating industries (NPP) to maximize production and minimize the costs of maintenance of systems important for the safety of the facility in an efficient, trouble-free state.

Goodway Technologies

Goodway Technologies is a global manufacturer and marketer of industrial maintenance solutions for commercial HVAC, facility management, manufacturing, power generation, maritime and other industrial applications. Incorporated in 1966, our innovative products have been used by facilities and plant maintenance personnel worldwide for the maintenance of HVAC systems, plant machinery, hazardous material cleanup and other industrial maintenance needs. Our products include tube cleaning systems, industrial vacuums, cooling tower maintenance systems, commercial pressure washers, descaling systems, coil cleaning products, hose & pipe cleaning systems and more.

Commodum company successfully cooperates with Goodway Technologies to supply equipment and spare parts to nuclear power plants and we strive to expand cooperation to other areas of the industry to achieve the maximum effect of mutual benefit.