Oil and Gas

Turbine Services LTD

Turbine Services LTD (TSL®) is the company with more than forty years of history. Over the years they have developed hundreds of products and are one of the largest suppliers of a complete line of replacement parts for virtually all models of gas turbine systems in the world.

Due to the constant desire to innovate and improve the quality of the product, technical solutions TSL® allow to prolong the service life and upgrade obsolete equipment used in the system of main gas transportation of Ukraine.

The company Turbine Services is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 and the spare parts for turbine units are successfully delivered to more than 800 customers worldwide, including such manufacturers as Thomassen and Alstom.

Since 1972 and until now the purpose and mission of the Turbine Services remain unchanged: to ensure high quality products anywhere around the world with best service and lowest delivery period.

Goodway Technologies

Goodway Technologies is a global manufacturer and marketer of industrial maintenance solutions for commercial HVAC, facility management, manufacturing, power generation, maritime and other industrial applications. Incorporated in 1966, our innovative products have been used by facilities and plant maintenance personnel worldwide for the maintenance of HVAC systems, plant machinery, hazardous material cleanup and other industrial maintenance needs. Our products include tube cleaning systems, industrial vacuums, cooling tower maintenance systems, commercial pressure washers, descaling systems, coil cleaning products, hose & pipe cleaning systems and more.

Commodum company successfully cooperates with Goodway Technologies to supply equipment and spare parts to nuclear power plants and we strive to expand cooperation to other areas of the industry to achieve the maximum effect of mutual benefit.